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Kitchen inspiration: 3 incredible combinations of countertops and cabinets

The use of qu

Quartzite on the kitchen countertop is a perfect option for those looking for durability, uniqueness and beauty. However, many people have doubts about how to combine a quartzite countertop with cabinets, since they have a very striking aesthetic.

Here then we present 3 options of incredible combinations of countertops with cabinets for you to be inspired.

The first inspiration is from a kitchen where the excalibur quartzite was applied. In this case, the stone behaves like the protagonist of the place, drawing all attention to itself. Thus, cabinets in softer tones are the best options, as they do not fight with the stone, besides allowing it to shine.

The second inspiration is from a kitchen where the fantasy brown marble was applied. In this case, the marble, although very moving, has a mixture in lighter and darker tones. Because of this, cabinets in darker wood were used, leaving the place more rustic, without losing its elegance. In addition, the incredible combination of the cabinet's tones with the brownish veins of the stone bring a lot of harmony to the composition.

The third composition brought as inspiration is a kitchen in softer tones, using the macaubas giotto quartzite. With the predominance of white and greyish veins, quartzite brings sophistication and pleases those who like lighter places. In this case, the cabinets could be either white or grayish, and in this last option there would be a very nice contrast. However, in this case, white cabinets and gray coverings were chosen, making the place super elegant.

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