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3 types of granite that are perfect for the kitchen and tips for the right choice

Planning the kitchen is not always an easy task, and the sink and countertop are usually the elements that most raise doubts: which material to choose? What is the ideal color to make my kitchen beautiful? Let's give you some granite tips that would look great in your kitchen.

About granite: Ideal for environments that require this attention (resistance and durability), granite, in addition to its impermeability and practicality, has the best cost/benefit of the market, according to the architects. The architects add that the granite can be applied to the sink, table, floor, sill, stairs, and other surfaces. Find out about granite and choose the one that has more to do with your home!

1-Titanium Black widely used, it can be combined with several other colors of furniture and coverings (such as beige tones, light, and dark woody), but it is usually next to white, forming a classic and elegant composition in the kitchen.

2- Dallas White is versatile, it combines with different colors of furniture and coverings. A great option for those who want a “light” kitchen .

3- White Napoli having a whiter background, it has black spaced spots. This type of granite enhances the countertop or the floor and guarantees a clean and minimalist effect on the projects.

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