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Choosing my kitchen countertop: best options

Material in the photo: Calacatta Quartz.

When deciding to remodel the kitchen, many people are in doubt about which material to choose for countertops. Here we will list, therefore, the best options for you to use on your kitchen countertop, taking into account resistance, beauty and durability.

Among all the existing options, we advise you to always prioritize natural stones. In addition to having a natural and unique beauty, the stones extracted directly from the quarry have incredible durability, in addition to resisting more heat, which artificial stones often do not offer.

Among the most suitable natural stones, the first is quartzite. With an appearance similar to that of marble, with busier veins and incredibly beautiful, quartzites have a unique hardness, becoming extremely resistant to stains, scratches and heat.

The second most suitable option for kitchen countertops is granite, which has a resistance and durability very similar to those of quartzites, but with a lower cost, making it more accessible. The difference is that white granites are more susceptible to stains, so they require greater care, while with quartzites we have the freedom to choose light colored ones with more tranquility in this regard.

A third option well suited for kitchen countertops is quartz. Quartz are industrialized stones, composed of 93% natural quartz, dyes and polymers. The result is a highly resistant material, with constant launching of new patterns according to trends, achieving innovation, modernity and luxury. However, the quartz can’t be expose to excessive heat. The act of supporting very hot items on their surface, it can result in burn marks and discoloration.

Now do you know what material you prefer to use on your kitchen countertop? If you were in doubt, take a look at the existing standards for each of them on our website. It has a multitude of options.

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