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Differences between marble and granite

You’re looking to redecorate your home, but can’t choose between marble or granite? Don’t worry, this post will help you! After all, investing in marble or granite is an excellent way to create a sophisticated atmosphere. We'll show you the difference between marble and granite and explain what, in fact, is the marble and what is granite. In addition, we will clarify some points the right place for the application of marble and.

Traditional and high quality, both marble and granite are excellent materials. They can be applied, for example, on countertops or used as coatings. However, many people are confused about these two stones. What happens is that we end up believing they are used in the same way and have the same characteristics. But that's not it.

So that you can make your home the way you always dreamed of and make the right choice of finishes, we created this post with all the details about it.

Natural Stones USA (NSU) will show you how to choose between marble and granite for your project:

Choose the right location for the application.

We already know that marble and granite are two sophisticated stones ... But there are still many questions about how to use each of them.

The most common is to apply them in places such as:

-Coating, floors and walls;

-Building, facades;

-Furniture finish, such as countertops and cabinets.

However, to use them properly, you should pay attention to the specific applications and features of each one.

On the one hand, marble is the best option for the noblest spaces - bathrooms, living rooms or dining. On the other hand, granite tends to be present in facades, kitchens and gourmet areas.

After all, what is the difference between marble and granite?

First, the similarity is that both the marble and the granite are natural stones. And the differences between them are their technical characteristics, involving resistance, color and material designs. So let's learn more about these differences?

Understand what Marble is

Marble is popularly known for its beauty and traditionalism. Basically, it is a natural and metamorphic rock, mostly composed of mineral calcite.

Natural marble stone has a uniform color and also presents the so-called veins, which are their well-defined designs. This is an option with high porosity, which also makes it less resistant than granite.

Some tips for you to evaluate before choosing the marble:

-Marble should only be used indoors;

-Prefer to apply the marble in spaces with low traffic of people, so that the stone does not wear out with friction;

-The stone is most appropriate when used for coatings. Because it has higher lightness than granite.

Understand what Granite is

In its turn, the Granite is a natural igneous rock. This means that, in its composition, you can find elements such as quartz, feldspar and mica. Together, these three components make the granite in which has a lot of beauty and durability.

The natural igneous rock granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, it can be very well applied in furniture finishing or service areas.

Unlike marble, granite does not have high porosity. Thus, it hardly absorb water or form spots, making it an excellent choice for humid places such as the kitchen.

Some tips for you to evaluate before choosing granite:

-To be more durable, it can be applied on countertops, kitchen sinks, lavatory vats or outdoor areas;

-If desired granite can be used on the facades, with lower porosity and granulation.

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