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Discover the main materials for kitchen countertops

There are several materials that stand out when we talk about kitchen countertops, although they are all very beautiful, characteristics such as strength and price vary widely. Let's talk about some of these materials here.

To arrive at the ideal choice of the stone you want to use on the kitchen counter, take into account the frequency with which you use the environment, for what activities you will use the kitchen counter surface, how much you can spend, the space available and, of course, the look you want to achieve with the kitchen countertop.


Marble is a sophisticated material that adds a touch of glamor to the environment, which also influences its cost. Resin marble is one of the best for making kitchen countertops because resin allows the pores and cracks in the stone to be closed.

Material in the picture: Fantasy Brown.


Granite is one of the most sought-after stones for making kitchen countertops due to the lower price and high durability. But anyone thinking about choosing this material should keep in mind two things: the variety of colors is less and you must pay attention to cleaning so as not to stain, especially if the model chosen is light in color.

Material in the vídeo: Dallas White.


For those looking for a cheaper option, quartz is certainly a very interesting idea, as this type of coating has a very similar effect to the kitchen countertop made with natural stones. Still with the advantage of different color and pattern options, since quartz is an industrial and not natural material.

Material in the vídeo: Calacatta Quartz.

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