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If your cabinets are white, or even if you are thinking of making them white, but don't know which stone to choose for your countertop to bring life to your kitchen, today's tip is for you!

Many people opt for white cabinets because they like clean and bright rooms, in addition to that white furniture causes greater amplitude to the environment. However, although many of these people prefer the combination of several light shades, to reinforce the clean style, others prefer to give a break in the white, putting something that gives life to the place. So, here we list the top 3 granites that would super combine with your white cabinets.

The first option is in case you prefer a bright environment, with nothing in dark tones to break the white. White Dallas granite would be a great option, because in addition to being endowed with great beauty, it will maintain the white tones of its environment. However, this is a granite that you need to be very careful when applying it on kitchen countertops, because in addition to being a clear material, it is porous and can absorb water, food coloring and cleaning products, tending to stain. But be calm, you can waterproof your granite so that it becomes less susceptible to absorption, so with great care and attention you can keep your white countertop always beautiful.

The second option is a granite that will bring more color to your kitchen, without leaving harmony aside. We are talking about yellow granite, which can be yellow new venetian gold, for example. Yellow granite brings joy, leaving the environment more vibrant and luxurious. In addition, it will cause a slight contrast to your white cabinets, drawing attention and bringing life to the environment.

The third option we bring is the titanium black granite, which brings with it plenty of elegance. The black and white contrast makes the environment stunning, and you will stay away from worries about stains, since black granite countertops are one of the toughest on the market.

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