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Granite is indicated for countertops, floors, coverings, walls and facades

Granite is beautiful and durable, this rock is resistant to abrasion and can be used both indoors and outdoors. So it is recommended for floors, countertops and coverings. Granite can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. When used for walls or facades, the fixation uses mortar and grouting, reinforcing with metallic pins, or just metallic pins in aerated / ventilated coverings. The stone can be fixed to the floor using mortar or, being raised / floating, supported on supports. Flexible adhesive mortars are used in conventional cement solutions, aiming to prevent the effects of rising damp and the appearance of stains. Due to its high durability, granite flooring is very suitable and used in large places or where many people transit. It is very common to see granite floors in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports or public places precisely because of their durability, in addition to being very beautiful.

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