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How is granite extracted?

Granite starts at quarries located around the world. Many types of granite come from countries like Brazil and India, but the stone can also be found in many places in the United States.

O granito é uma rocha composta principalmente de quartzo e feldspato. É formado pelo resfriamento e solidificação do magma (rocha derretida no subsolo). Esta rocha solidificada contém as pedras naturais que usamos em bancadas de cozinha, pisos, pisos e outras superfícies.

Powerful explosives and machines are used to extract granite from the earth. This raw granite is extracted in blocks that are later molded into granite slabs. Granite is one of the most popular types of stone extracted to creating blocks or slabs.

After extraction, the granite blocks are transported by truck to facilities where they are cut into beautiful granite slabs.


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