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Updating your home with natural stone countertops is an exciting home renovation project. The first step in bringing your vision to life is choosing the right material for your lifestyle and home decor. There are several types and colors of stones to choose from, so you can be creative and your project will be unique. Then, you are ready to install.

Pre-Installation Preparation After the approval of the model, the stone will be cut and manufactured on the workshop bench and the installation date will be defined. If you already have old countertops, they will need to be removed before installation. This will ensure that there is enough time to make repairs if something is damaged in the process. Installation Installations can take four to eight hours. Larger projects can take more than a day. A strong adhesive will be used to cement the pieces together if the workbench has seams. Then the countertops are attached to the cabinets. Post-installation When the installation is complete, you will need to schedule a plumber to reconnect the water source, an electrician to reconnect drains, water, gas and electrical connections. This usually happens the day after installation, so that the benches have time to define. If you want you can also install a backsplash, which must be scheduled after installing the benches.

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