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Material: Luna Light in a kitchen countertop, see more about Luna Light here.

All houses have sinks and kitchen countertops and there are many different materials on the market. Therefore, it is good to have all the information possible before choosing the best for your kitchen.

The natural stones are in sinks and countertops present in many houses in the country, precisely for the qualities of the material.

Natural stones, such as marble, granite and quartzite, have great resistance to chemicals commonly used in cleaning kitchens. “The maintenance of the stone is quite simple. It is recommended that cleaning is done only with a damp cloth, without excess water or aggressive products. The ideal is to prepare a mixture that contains a small amount of neutral detergent or pure soap diluted in water ”, advises the experts.

For the installation of natural stone sinks, it is necessary to correctly size the component parts, a good edge finish, selection of suitable mortars for fixation on the supports and perfect joining of the pieces. When problems with the material occur, such as cracks, it is possible to replace the damaged section or replace the entire part.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen or do a renovation, remember that natural stone is a great option for sinks and kitchen countertops, not only for the beauty of the material, but also for its resistance to chemicals. Natural stone is also fire resistant, as you can see more in this article.

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