The importance of sealing as granite countertops

Did you know that you need to waterproof your granite countertops? Many people have no idea that when you buy your granite countertop, it is sealed from marble. This is because granite is a porous stone (this porosity can vary from material to material), and if it is not sealed it can absorb absolutely everything that is spilled on it, being easily stained, even with water.

However, this sealing must be done periodically, because as time goes by, the waterproofing product comes out and your stone becomes vulnerable again.

The sealing of the stone is extremely important to keep your stone beautiful and free from stains, so it will have a much longer durability. However, if you forgot to request a new waterproofing of your stone and it ended up staining, don't worry, there are some measures that can be taken to recover the color of your stone.

If the stain was caused by water, just leave the area free of water for a while and it will simply dry. But if the stain was caused by products or foods of strong color (wine, coffee, among others), there are some stain remover products on the market that are very effective. Follow our blog that soon we will tell you how to get rid of stains caused on your granite countertops.


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