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Two kitchen decor trends

The modern lifestyle and changes in family dynamics have transformed the kitchen, which previously was seen as a purely functional environment, in the heart of the house. Amid the routine, it is in the kitchen that families find time to share moments during the preparation and consumption of meals. These special occasions deserve a truly warm and cozy atmosphere, and that's what kitchen decor trends are all about. Check out two good ideas below.

1 - Stone backsplash: The wall coverings between the counter and the cabinets have been a trend for some time. The novelty of 2020 is the backsplashes of a single granite or marble plate that look like an extension of the counter. In addition to the beauty and sophisticated appearance that ensures the kitchen, this trend is an ally in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment.

2 - Colorful accessories: Using unexpected and surprising colors can make the kitchen more fun and enjoyable. A good idea is to use contrasting shades in appliances, benches, and chairs. In this case, the idea is that the kitchen countertop is of a neutral tone, which can be white or black marble or granite.

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