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Variety of Brazilian ornamental stones

Brazil stands out for being the country with the greatest diversity of ornamental rocks in the world, in addition to having one of the largest existing reserves. The characteristics of Brazilian nature form rocks of a unique color, such as those with shades of yellowish-green or dark green, typically Brazilian.

The main stones that can be considered exclusively Brazilian - or at least only explored in Brazil - are pegmatites and massive quartzites. They are very durable rocks, due to the degree of resistance to chemical agents and abrasion. Pegmatites have giant crystals of feldspar, quartz, and other minerals, while quartzites have very fine crystals of quartz and other minerals.

Brazil produces exotic rocks in large quantities, totally different from traditional granites. Even common or traditional granites receive other factors in addition to geological ones, such as climatic and geomorphological ones, which help in the formation of the aesthetic pattern. An example is the leaching of water in tropical and subtropical climates, which originates from the majority of yellow granites (which are nothing more than the result of the oxidation of dark minerals containing iron and magnesium).

Even the very common granites in Brazil, and particularly in the northern half of the state of Espírito Santo, such as Ubatuba, Labrador, Pavão, etc., are rarely found outside Brazil.

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