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What is Granite?

Materials: Luna Light and Blanc du Blanc.

Very used material as a coating in constructions, granite is a natural rock formed from one or more minerals, where its name originally “granum”, in Latin, means grains, perfectly describing its appearance.

Visibly composed of a mixture of dots with different colors and shapes, this appearance is the result of a mixture of different materials. This mixture results in unique designs, ensuring particular characteristics for each granite slab removed from the soil.

This material forms inside the Earth's crust, due to its slow cooling and the solidification of the magma. In the decoration, the possibilities of use vary from floors, walls, benches, stairs and even bathtubs, with different names due to the colors or the place of extraction.

Its initial use was given by the Egyptian people who used it in the construction of Pharaonic monuments, embellishing the aesthetics of the place. With its widespread use in the Middle Ages, it was used in the construction of houses and churches.

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